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LSP education and a great variety of needs of both students and employers demand personalized approach. Although the abundance of teaching materials available on the market cover multiple fields of linguistic study, the recommendations expressed by the employers highlight the need to use authentic materials, collaboration, specialized vocabulary, following current job market trends during LSP classes. On top of that, the covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns and a growing popularity of online teaching show that textbooks become obsolete. All these mean that, in practice, LSP teachers end up creating their own teaching materials using tools and sources available online.  

The exercises presented below were created by LSP teachers from three universities based on recommendations collected from employers. To see the full course, click the link below: 


Getting that first graduate job – interactive course

Teamwork, critical thinking, time management – these are all such important soft skills that are so hard to define but in the hiring process are what every employer is looking for. What exactly are these soft skills and how can we improve them to become better candidates for a job? In this unit we’ll find out exactly how.

Onboarding to an international company – interactive course

Onboarding – the process of bringing a new employee into a company, can be a tricky process, no matter what, but especially in a multinational company in a cross-cultural context.  In this unit we’ll find out exactly how to avoid misunderstandings and how to become more understanding of our friends and employees from other cultures.

Home office problem – interactive course

Nowadays we hear all about design thinking, but what exactly is it, and  how does it apply to communicating in the workplace? In this unit we’ll find out the principles of design thinking and how we can apply it to become more effective communicators.

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